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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Hair Secrets Advertorial


All students come to The Hair Secrets for our services will be given 40% discounts on all services.


After discount :

Facial $28,

Body massage $38,

Hair cut $18 ,( male ) $ 22 (female) incl wash & blow , styling.

For more detail for call our outlets at

( HQ - BUGIS ) No 6 Tan Quee Lan Street
Tel 67331290,68844221

( East Point Mall-SIMEI Station)
Tel 67884315, 67884701

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rinnseki advertorial

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Camera ready!

Hello darlings,

Long time no see! A new school semester has started and one may think our hot babes and hunks have gone back to the books. All work and no play will make our contestants dull boys and girls...

Well, that's not going to happen.
Was that Cheryl who just zoomed past?
Where's she rushing to?
Oh. Photoshoot?
No? Catwalk training.
I see...
No wonder confidence is oozing in every step she takes...
Love her swinging hips...

So, just for the eyes of all you loyal readers out there....some behind-the-scenes footage for SlurpZ photoshoot...the NGs behind those pretty photos pasted outside CBE-LT.

Double peace signs. Personal favourites of Shermaine and Khairul...chemistry is certainly not lacking in this couple...what's with that expression Kenneth? too cliche for thee?

Notice the matching of gazes between Yuqi and Shihui? Hmmms...what's happening?...i wonder...use your imagination, darlings!

One tired Pageant Coordinator, Chiz, with the video camera...meticulously capturing the precious moments of the contestants' journey through SlurpZ...
btw, aren't those dimples cute?!! We sorta have a soft spot for them... any interest for SlurpZ 2011 Chiz?

A funny moment of the male contestants with Pageant Coordinator, Lih hern...while waiting for the girls to get ready...

tata for now....

for more of such footage, keep your eyes open during SlurpZ'2010!

The Paparazzi

Ticket Sales!!!

Please refer to the ticket sales page for more information (:

The Paparazzi

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dancing Divas

Our hot hunks and babes and are turning to dancing divas overnight!
At least that is what we want you to believe when you are below the stage, entranced by the moving figures on it on 28 January.

The many practices that our contestants have went through reminded us of a proverb that the Chinese have:

" 1 minute on stage is worth 10 years of preparation off it".

Since, contestants are given only a mere one month December vacation to get ready for SlurpZ, it would mean YEARS worth of pageant training have been condensed into this short period! Oh dear, now we can really imagine the amount of sweat and blood contestants have to put into SlurpZ....now, don't you want to show them your appreciation? Get your hands on the some TICKETS!

For ntu students and staff, in particular SCBE students, tickets can be bought from booths when school reopens. Look out for exact dates and timings in this space, your ntu webmail and posters around school!

For the general public, friends and family members who are non-NTU students or staff, tickets can be reserved online, bought on the actual day outside DXO or through any NTU students...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SlurpZ will be perfect...

with Fantastic, Charismatic, Entertaining Emcees!
To entice you, our dearest audience, we shall withhold their identities for now...
Pageant Coordinators briefing the emcees in TR1

Dance Practice! Don't our contestants look so engrossed in trying to perfect their dance steps? Catch them during SlurpZ, 28 Jan 2010, Thursday!
The Paparazzi


SCBE SlurpZ 2010 will be taking place at DXO (Esplanade) on 28th January at 6:30pm!

The Paparazzi